East Providence Education Association


East Providence, Rhode Island

Welcome to the homepage of the East Providence Education Association.

President: Jean Goulet
Vice President: Roberta Brady
Treasurer: George Sarganis
Secretary: Linda Stanich
Auditor: Margaret Cabral

Board of Directors
Chrys Caffrey 1998
Paul Capaldo 1999
Bud Fagundes 1997
Maureen Spaight 1999
Joleen Vatcher 1997
Denise Zavota 1998

Negotiations Update

1. Meeting of June 18th to set the ground rules was cancelled due to a scheduling misunderstanding.
2. Rescheduled for Wednesday June 26th at 2:30PM

Negotiations Team
Bill Finelli, Roberta Brady, Jean Goulet, Jean Kern, George Sarganis, David Shadrick, Greg Swajian, Linda Stanich, Chrys Caffrey, Merce Clifford, Fred Ferrara, George Poli, Maureen Spaight, Bob Tewksbury, Bud Fagundes, Margaret Cabral

Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee and Grievance Committee
Jean Goulet, Connie Barber, Merce Clifford, George Sarganis, Greg Swajian, Bob Tewksbury, Joleen Vatcher, Denise Zavota, Bill Finelli

Family Assistance
Bill Finelli, Margaret Cabral, Joan Soper, Stephanie Vinhateiro

Public Relations Activities
Barbara Traverse, Maureen Allen, Leslie Andrade, Yolanda Baptista, Roberta Brady, Paula Braman-Duarte, Margaret Cabral, Chrys Caffrey, Nell Hanratty, Pat Lange, Nancy Laurie, Leslie Logan, Eileen McGowan, Karen Oliveira, Karen Panzarella, Nancy Ryan, Kathy Savage, Marianne Scanlon, Stephanie Vinhateiro, Claire Wayland

Sick Bank Committee
Jean Goulet, Chrys Caffrey, Paul Capaldo, Linda Stanich, Barbara Traverse, Denise Zavota, Bill Finelli

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